Hanging signs can easily become a staple in any trade show display or advertising campaign. These signs feature an aluminum frame construction that is hard wearing yet easy to lift and assemble. Your custom design consisting of clever graphics and text are printed onto a stretched color dye sublimated fabric. If you’re planning on attending an upcoming trade show, network your company and its products with a sign that matters!

Hanging VS. Traditional Signs

Hanging signage is a trend that seems to evolve and become more prominent in modern marketing campaigns. It answers a need for quality graphics that are eye-catching while helping you get your point across from a distance. Unlike traditional signs that sit on a flat surface, hanging signs are more accommodating to your needs by offering a dimensional surface for advertising. For example, you have an easier time calling attention to your trade show booth as your sign hangs suspended from the ceiling in your chosen shape. It can be twisted and molded into various modern sleek designs that feature mainly curved angles.

Your exhibition is easily taken to new heights as your suspended sign draws attention instantly! Many vendors at trade shows try to wow their audience by hosting giveaways or using promotional products, but it all starts with getting people to notice you in the first place. Your sign is the first and last thing people will remember about your company, which is why you need to be careful when selecting colors and designs. A dimensional sign forces the eye to look upwards and ignore virtually all other marketing gimmicks that don’t have the same depth or dimension.

There’s a time and a place for traditional signage, but make your next trade show count by doing something a bit different! Your newly constructed sign has many features you won’t see elsewhere:

  • A lightweight durable aluminum construction that stands up to years of use.
  • A special design that accommodates pillowcase graphics.
  • Heavy duty bolts that ensure the sign is safe and reliable.
  • Custom sized crosspieces that ensure hanging is a breeze.

Why Choose Hanging Signs?

First and foremost, hanging signage has the ability to reinforce a person’s image of a brand. Many people are naturally drawn to things that hang, and for that reason alone, your trade show booth will get noticed multiple times by the same individual. It is a great way to raise brand awareness!

A large suspended sign acts like a beacon for visitors when they just can’t locate a specific company’s booth. More often than not, just opting for a dimensional sign will up your game with minimal effort. Bear in mind, hundreds of visitors lurk at trade shows, which is why you need to stand out.

Perhaps the need for signs that hang is increased by the lack of floor space at trade shows. Renting any sized booth can be expensive, which is why vertical hanging space should be used to your advantage.

If you’re ready to tackle your next marketing campaign or achieve better results with attended trade shows, Mammoth Imaging can help you create a custom hanging sign that has optimum wow factor! Why not try something different?