If you have ever seen a driveway that has glowing rocks, you may wonder how this is possible. It may seem to be a prop, but this is actually the results of a natural chemical reaction. There are companies that specialize in providing glowing rocks, stones, and even sand that you can use to decorate the exterior of your home. You may be putting in a pool, or perhaps a patio, and using aggregate material that can glow at the surface will create a magical experience. There is a company by the name of AGT that is one of the leaders in this industry. Here are the reasons why you should consider getting authentic glowing rocks for driveway from Ambient Glow Technology.

What Type Of Glowing Materials Do They Have?

They have several different types of glowing stones to choose from. This will include commercial grade, ultra grade, and those that are in limited production. They also have glowing river rocks which will be a fantastic addition to any landscaping that you do. In addition to this, they have find and coarse sand that also glows that you can place in strategic locations on your property.

What Makes The Stones And Sand Glow?

The type of material that glows is typically aluminate oxide. It is the oxidation process of this alkaline earth material that creates the glow. This gives these materials a photoluminescent quality, one that is completely eco-friendly. There are other materials that may also produce the same effect, leading to the unique appearance at night. The ones from AGT will last for a couple decades, and can be used for a number of different purposes.

How Should You Use These Glowing Rocks For Driveway?

Glowing rocks can be placed alongside the driveway if you already have one. This will create a very unique effect. Additionally, if you are putting in a new driveway, the photoluminescent aggregate material can be mixed in with the concrete, allowing it to glow at night once it has set. You could also add photoluminescent sand to flowerpots that you have along the driveway, creating an even more beautiful nighttime seen. All of these products are available from AGT, and there are likely Ambient Glow Technology dealers in your area.

How To Find The Nearest Dealer?

By going to the main AGT website, you can go to their contact page where you can search for locations by state. Their main headquarters is in Pickering, which is just outside of Toronto, but there are many places in the United States.

Once you have found a dealership near you, you can have them do a delivery. The cost of the glow stones and glow sand will depend upon their quality. For example, the least expensive will be the commercial grade glow stones, followed by those that are ultra grade. The main difference is that the more expensive ones will have at least a 30% higher luminosity, and this is particularly true when compared to competitors that offer similar products. If you would like to schedule a time to take delivery of these glowing rocks for driveway, visit the main website today .