Running a trucking company means having to manage a large group of drivers and trucks. This takes a lot of time and research to make sure things are done well. If not, it can start to break down and lead to major issues about what’s going on and how the company is managed.

This is why using ELD for trucks has become a major solution.

This technology is able to streamline the management of trucks and drivers. Here is more on the advantages this technology has to offer and the value it brings to any modern-day trucking setup.

Digital Hours of Service logging

Keeping detailed logbooks is one of the biggest issues for large teams since there is so much data to deal with at any given point. To ensure the data is legitimate and all information is being reported on time, it becomes essential to take a look at a solution such as this one.

it makes sure everyone is able to record key information on time without making mistakes. This level of comfort is essential when it comes to determining what is going on, where each driver is, and how many hours are being logged during the day. Any slip-ups in this regard can lead to lost data and that’s a major issue for businesses.

Automatic IFTA reporting

Reporting data is essential and something all trucking companies deal with but they don’t know where to begin. Most use traditional methods that are outdated and just don’t save a lot of time. Instead of dealing with those solutions, why not use technology that has automated the reporting? It is a good way to cut past these issues and make sure the reporting is being done as needed.

Automatic IFTA reporting is designed to let the business focus on other things other than reporting data.

Integration with Routing Software

Let’s say the company has a robust routing solution already in place and wants to use this technology as a way to improve on everything. Is it possible? Can the company offer a solution that will work with the existing routing software or does everything have to be revamped?

The beauty of this solution is its ability to integrate. It will integrate in minutes.

Decrease Fuel Costs

A lot of money is spent on idling costs with trucks and it’s important to gain control over this as soon as possible. Some trucking companies realize the value of using a solution that’s streamlined and can help bring this under control, which is why it’s best to go with quality ELD for trucks.

The fuel costs that often go through the roof can be brought back down in a hurry. This makes it meaningful for those looking to optimize their fleet at all times of the year.

Mobilizz is a provider of this technology and has years of expertise in helping trucking companies. While this company works with other industries, it has a good grasp of the trucking industry and will be able to help companies set their fleet up for long-term success.